Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Vanessa!

Lately, I have enjoyed planning get togethers with my friends. This could be lunches, dinners, a girls night out, my bunco group, etc. It can be stressful at times trying to get everyone together, but it is also very rewarding!

My friend Vanessa had her 27th birthday on Sept. 28th. She said it would be fun to go out, but I knew she wasn't going to plan it on her own. So I took it upon myself to do so! I sent a message to her siblings and friends I didn't know too well and the friends that I did know well and put it together. We went to this dueling piano bar downtown called Keys on Main, it was so fun! Vanessa even wore her birthday tiara :) I've included a picture of the night below - it was a success!

Trisha, Vanessa, Katie

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trip to Seattle

I just got back from a mini-vacation to Seattle, WA with my friend, Rebecca. This was my first time here and we were gone for about 3 days. We went to visit our friend, Nicole who moved there earlier this year. Yes, Nicole is my little brother's ex-girlfriend but we still keep in touch. We had such good times!

The weather was cloudy and chilly. I didn't see the sun the entire time, but I loved it! It only rained one of the days, which was nice. There were humongous trees everywhere and it was so green and pretty. I loved the relaxed atmosphere.
Here are a few pics from our trip:

Rebecca walking down Pike Place Market

The famous Space Needle (which is MUCH smaller than the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, by the way)

Rainy Day in Seattle

Very first Starbucks - EVER!

Downtown Seattle!

Us girls

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Update on United Way Basket

I was told that our basket was sold for $650! Wahoo! The great thing about it, a girl from my team bought the basket so I can ask her how fun all the events are. :-)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

United Way Basket

I am not one to volunteer for events at work. Somehow I got roped into this one, though. A few of my co-workers and I were picked to be in charge of the basket for our United Way charity event this week. We really only had about a weeks notice to get everything together. I have to say, I suck at ideas. Good thing someone else came up with the Halloween Basket idea.

We called different businesses in the Salt Lake area that had Halloween events going on and we were able to get a bunch of donations! We had haunted houses donate tickets, a dance company that is putting on "Thriller", The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Show, the Heber Creeper Train and lots more. I really was negative about it at first, but after awhile it got kinda fun! Especially seeing the outcome, our basket is worth a little over $800 with everything in it. They will be auctioning this basket on Friday! I will be sure and update my blog with how much it was sold for.

I included a picture of it below, I used my phone camera so it's not that great. But you get the point!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Grandma Joyce

My grandma's funeral was this weekend. This was my dad's mother, so it was extra hard for me and my family. Troy has been so loving and supportive with me, I'm so grateful for him. Like my brother, Mike said in his talk at the funeral - my dad and grandma are doing a lot of catching up right now!

After I posted this, I noticed my big brother blogged about this as well. I really liked it if you get a chance to read it: Mike's Blog.


Joyce Owens 1917 ~ 2008 Joyce Ann Mackay Owens, our beloved mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister and friend, returned to her Heavenly Father Thursday, September 4, 2008, at the age of 91. She passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by her family.Born July 28, 1917 in Murray, Utah, to Leonard and Wilma Faye Atwood Mackay. Married Homer Bringhurst in 1938; later divorced. Married John Edward Owens October 24, 1949 in Salt Lake City, Utah; solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple in 1951. They were blessed with seven children and raised their family in the Salt Lake Valley. Joyce was an outstanding Avon representative for many years and found other ways to supplement the family income. She enjoyed reading, traveling, creating beautiful handwork, including crocheting and quilting. She loved to garden and was an outstanding homemaker and cook. She was a champion and protector of her children, where at times that red-headed temperament emerged. She was feisty! And we loved her for it. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Joyce faithfully served in many callings, including Primary President, Relief Society Presidency and long-time Sunday School teacher. She and John also attended the temple faithfully for many years. She was proud to be a member of "Daughters of Utah Pioneers". She was politically conscientious and supported her community as a District Judge and Registrar. Survived by her husband, John; children: Gilbert Bringhurst, Jo-Ann (David) Naylor, Maryland; Kelly (Claudia) Owens, Nancy Ann Hawker, Sandy (Randy) Hansen, John Roach; daughter-in-law, Linda Bringhurst; sisters: Barbara and June; brother, Stan; 24 grandchildren; 47 great-grandchildren. Preceded in death by her parents; son, Terry Bringhurst; daughter, Beverly Bringhurst; sisters: Ruth, Phyllis and Maxine; brother, Keith; grandson, Shawn David Naylor. The family wishes to express their appreciation to the staff of Silverado Hospice for the kind and caring service they rendered to our Mother. Funeral services will be held Sat., September 13, 2008, 11 a.m. at the Atherton Chapel, Atherton and Phillips Lane (1457 W. Atherton Dr., Taylorsville, Utah). Viewings will be held Fri., 6-8 p.m. at McDougal Funeral Home, 4330 S. Redwood Road and Sat., at the church, 9:45-10:45 a.m. Interment, Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East 10600 South.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Night at the Fair

My friend, Vanessa and I decided to go hang out at the Utah State Fair last night. I think the last time I was there was with my sister and her 3 kids about 8 years ago. I also have memories of going with my High School boyfriend when I was 16 . I had this idea that it was mainly for young children or teenagers who wanted to go with their boyfriends and hold hands and make out on rides. But - I found that it is just as fun when you are 29 years old with no kids and you don't bring your boyfriend! Or husband in my case. I didn't even bother to ask Troy. Maybe I am rude, but I knew I would get something like "I'd rather be poked with a sharp stick in the eye" or something to that effect.

Vanessa and I work together, so right after work we headed downtown. We ate some yummy pasta at Noodles & Co. (love their macaroni & cheese!) and proceeded to the fair. I had also forgotten how scary that part of town is on North Temple. Yikes! I unfortunately forgot my camera, so an old picture of me and Ness will have to do.

We walked around and shopped for a little bit at first. I bought a cute new purse and a travel cozy neck pillow as seen on TV! I love those things when I'm flying or driving anywhere. And it was only $15.

As we were walking around I noticed a few older ladies with purple shirts and black pants with cowboy hats that looked familiar. My mom has been line dancing for about 15 years now and she dances in a group called "Young at Heart". I called her cell phone a few times to see if she was there but couldn't get a hold of her. I didn't see her all night, but I later found out she was there all along and we missed her! Her group performed at the fair earlier, I wish I had a chance to see them. I told her for sure next year. I love that my mom gets out and stays active. She even joined a square dancing class, she is having fun and I am glad!

Pretty soon we ran into some people we knew, a friend from work and her husband. We ended up hanging out with them the rest of the night, it was a blast! We went on every cheesy carnival ride that you can't find at Lagoon. They are extra scary because they travel and are constantly being taken apart and put back together. We went on the Starship 2000, which I remember being called the Gravitron in High School. We laughed the entire time and luckily nobody puked! I even went on the giant slide for the first time, looked something like this:

Everywhere we walked we could smell deep fried something or other. The people watching was great! I even talked Vanessa into walking through this so called "side show" and witnessed a cow with two noses and a steer with 6 legs (two of them were growing out of it's back). I have to say, I had the full State Fair experience and it was all worth it!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Troy and I had a busy Labor Day Weekend! We usually try and take a vacation over 3 day weekends, but this time we decided to stay home and relax. Although we didn't do much relaxing, we still had a lot of fun. I'm proud of Troy for hanging in there, he's not one to make a bunch of plans, but somehow that's how it ended up.

* Friday

We both got home from work and headed out to Grantsville for a birthday party. Troy's cousin, Ryen, has a daughter (Maddie) who turned 6. Although he's technically not an uncle to her, he is still called Uncle Troy. They had a slip 'n slide out, a BBQ and present opening.

From there, we drove from Grantsville to South Jordan to play in a little Texas Hold 'Em tournament with some of Troy's recovery friends. It was also a birthday party for our friend, John Michael (a.k.a. JM) There were about 15 people and I stayed in the game, I think I may have taken 7th place. Not too shabby! Even Troy went out before me. That's a first!

* Saturday

Troy's favorite place to eat these days is Colosimo's in Sandy, right down the street from us. He had heard that they were closing the deli (panic!) so we ate lunch for one of the last times there. I had my usual Turkey Cran-Pesto Panini and Troy had his usual Spicy Italian Sausage Sandwich. Yum! I made some steak for dinner and then hung out for the rest of the night at home. We finished the last episode of Dexter, season 2. It's currently our favorite t.v. show. I was bummed that it ended, I can't wait until season 3 starts on Sept. 28th!

* Sunday
We did some much needed cleaning in our condo and thus reduced the amount of allergy induced sneezing for the next couple of days. We belong to the Massage Envy club, and had some massages we needed to use before they expired. We took advantage and booked a 2 hour massage. It was heaven!

Troy came home and immediately layed down for a nap, and I started baking cookies for our get together later that night. We drove out to Tooele in the crazy rain storm and hung out with our friends, Josh and Brittany. We were going to BBQ, but due to the rain we baked a take home pizza, played with the kids and dog and watched a movie.

* Monday

Every year Troy's sponsor, Kim has a BBQ for all of his sponsees and their sponsees. Troy also plays in a band with Kim and 3 other people, so they had a little gig this day. I still don't know if they've come up with a name for their band yet. They were so fun to watch! It's neat to hear Troy play with other people, he is always serenading me solo when we're at home. I've included some pictures and a video clip below.

After the BBQ Troy went to hang out with an old buddy and apparently they watched the new "Rambo". DANG! I missed out (I say sarcastically..) I ended up going bowling with some of mine and Troy's recovery friends for yet ANOTHER birthday party. I bowled pretty well for not bowling in a couple of years. I was worried about throwing my back out again (I was in pain with a herniated disc for 5 months). It didn't start bothering me until the very end of the game, so I stopped. It's been a subtle pain since, but I've managed it with stretches and ibuprofen. I hope it doesn't get worse!

* Tuesday:

This is the end of our 3 day weekend and back to work. Except we didn't go directly back to work, we had a dentist appointment for an exam and cleaning in the morning. Troy said he's glad to be back at work to get away from his vacation, it would be more relaxing! We all know he's not serious, though. I think.....