Thursday, August 27, 2009

5 months later....

Yep - I'm still alive! I know you must be sick of seeing the same Heimlich story every time you go to my blog. Or, you have stopped going to my blog all together!

I have decided to share some pictures of this summer. We did lots of neat stuff! In May, I went with my two friends down to Kanab, UT. I know it doesn't sound very exciting, but there is a no-kill animal shelter there called "Best Friends Animal Sanctuary" where we volunteered. We spent time helping with the cats and dogs. The show "Dogtown" is filmed there, if you've ever seen it on Animal Planet or whatever channel it's on!

In June, we went to the Scottish Festival with my brother and his family (minus Justine...) I went every year with my Dad, so this is an important tradition for me. Later that month Troy and I flew out to California to visit my sister and her family. We spent the time relaxing by the pool, went to the lake on their boat and played lots of games! It was a good time.

We also managed to go camping 3 times this summer with friends and Troy's dad. I am so glad we did, I love getting out of the city and being in nature. Even if you do get dirty and stinky :)

I hope to keep my blog up to date... we shall see!

Troy and his Dad on the left
Nate and Troy

3rd of July Fireworks in North Salt Lake
Drew & Brandie

Troy, Chloe, Mike

Samantha, Troy, Hailey in CA

Troy and Huckleberry - my sisters cute Basset Hound!

Gotta love this one!

Hailey and I

Troy and I at the Scottish Festival - Thanksgiving Point

Brandie, Drew, Troy - Scottish Festival

With one of the puppies at Best Friends
Me, Rebecca and Sarah at Best Friends