Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Very First Blog

I started this blog in early January of this year. I lost interest, so I only got half-way through the first post. I decided recently to keep it going - I dunno, might be fun?

First Blog: How we spent 2007

* January: Troy and I went to Maui, Hawaii for a week with Troy's mom and boyfriend. We stayed in a condo that we got through a travel club that we belong to. It was beautiful! We rented a convertible Mustang, went to a few beaches, took a snorkeling tour to the volcanic island of Molokini and ate the best fish and chips you've ever tasted.

We even had a chance to fly to the island of Oahu for one day and visit with Troy's grandfather that he had only met once when he was just a child. On Oahu, we visited the Dole Pineapple Plantation (mmm....) and Pearl Harbor. We also saw several whales and their babies frolicking in the ocean :)

Troy and Grandpa Ken

We also had a new addition to the family on January 2nd. My brother, Nate's daughter - London Ann!

*February: Troy turned 27 on February 12th.

* March: I turned 28 on March 1st. Troy and I both went on vacation to Las Vegas at the end of the month. I went with my girlfriends and Troy went with his guy friends for an annual men's AA conference. Even though we didn't see each other while we were there at the same time, we had alot of fun! We also got to see Eric Clapton in concert on March 7th, what a great concert.

*April: It was the 1 year anniversary since my father passed away on April 26th - what a milestone. The Bringhurst family decided to start a tradition to go to dinner together this day each year.

*May: Weather is getting warmer! I drove out with friends to visit my sister in California over Memorial Day weekend and had a great time. Troy couldn't make it this trip :(

*June: Lots of bbq's and laying out by the pool!

*July: We went up to my brother, Mike's house in North Salt Lake and saw the fireworks together for their first time! They do fireworks on July 3rd, must be a Davis County thing :)

*August: We went on a camping trip to Bear Lake for the night with Nate and Nicole. The weather was beautiful and the water was so blue. We even rented a waverunner and a paddle boat. Nate and I were in the paddleboat when all of a sudden it started sinking from all the water being splashed into the boat from all of the jet skis. We had to get help, a guy on a jet ski came and dragged the paddleboat behind him.

* September: Troy and I flew to CA to visit my sister, Amy who lives in Lincoln - just outside of Sacramento. We spent a day on the lake on the Balli's new boat, watched football (which Troy loved) and just relaxed.

* October: We celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary by going to Logan for the night. I went to Utah State for a year and a half right out of high school and Troy lived up ther for a few months and worked at the bowling alley. We drove around and showed each other where we used to live and hang out.

* November: Thanksgiving was spent at my sister's house in Lincoln, CA. We lucked out on weather, it was gorgeous! We ate lots of yummy food, spent time with family and even spent a day in San Francisco.

* December: Troy had wrist surgery right before Christmas. This would be his 3rd surgery removing the same cyst! He was not feeling well and I got sick right during Christmas, too. Not very fun! But we still managed to have a good time. We went to my mom's house to open gifts with my family Christmas Eve. Troy and I then went home and opened gifts to each other the same night - a tradition we started when we first got married.

We went to Troy's sponsors house on Christmas morning for omelets. His sponsor does this every year for his sponsees, which I think is awesome. Then we went to his mom's house and spent time with his family and opened more gifts.

On December 31st, we rang in the New Year by playing some Texas Hold 'Em poker at Troy's sponsors house. We did this ending the year 2007.