Sunday, December 14, 2008

New House and Mini-Vacation

So I mentioned briefly in my last post that Troy and I bought a house. We are so excited! We are supposed to (crossing my fingers) close on it this week. Our first intention was to move in the weekend before Christmas (i.e. next weekend) but I think we are going to spend Christmas for the last time in our condo and move the weekend after Christmas. I wish I had saved some photos of it! It is a twin home in Taylorsville, right off of 48th South and 740 West - right on the border of Murray and Taylorsville. It's in a cul-de-sac and there are horses behind our fence. We have a yard (that's a first for me!) and a dishwasher - which we have been living without for over 3 years now. It's 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath, 1 car garage AND a carport. WAHOO!

Last weekend I was able to fly out with my mom to see my sister and her family in California. They live right outside of Sacramento in a town called Lincoln. Troy couldn't make it this trip, he had band practice for his work Christmas party. We had a great and relaxing time! I played games with my nieces and nephew, went to see "Twilight" in a very expensive California movie theater, met my sisters new Basset Hound named Huckleberry and went shopping with my sister and mom. Oh, and let's not forget In N Out Burger! MMMMMM.... Here a few photos of my trip below.

Cameron and Huckleberry

Me, Mom and Huckleberry

Me, Cameron & Grandma

Grandma, Hailey & Aunt Katie

Samantha & Aunt Katie

Steve with his Christmas present from Troy and I - a Steelers Wreath!

The Balli Family Christmas Tree

Amy, Mom & Katie

Huck and Daddy watching t.v.


Sitting on Santa's (Steve's) Lap! :)

We LOVE Christmas!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Almost 1 month later...

This will be short and sweet. I know my page is still Thanksgiving themed, this will be changed soon! Not to worry. Life has been a whirlwind for me lately, so my blogging has come to a halt. Between buying a new home and selling my old one, Christmas, a vacation to my sisters and appointments with doctors regarding babies - I have had little time!

Stay tuned....