Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Per wikipedia, a guilty pleasure is known as something one considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. Most of the time it is completely nerdy. Here are some of mine:

* I love riding kid rides at Disneyland. The ones I am talking about are the
ones based on movies: Snow White, Pinocchio, Peter Pan and Mr.Toad's Wild Ride. When I went there for my honeymoon, I made Troy ride them all with me. He looked at me as if I were joking. How could you not enjoy going to hell in the Mr. Toad ride? And yes, I had to include pictures of each ride that I love. Good stuff!

* I love gossip magazines. I don't know why it's so interesting to see
who wears what to the Oscars and what Brangelina's
twins look like, but it is. This is my reading material
when I fly anywhere, I make sure I have at least 2 or
3 to keep me entertained!

* I am a big fan of cheesy late 70's and early 80's love songs. To name a few: Lady in Red by Chris DeBurgh, Hello by Lionel Richie, I Want to
Know What Love Is by Foreigner, If You Don't Know Me By Now by Simply Red, Faithfully by Journey, Sailing by Christopher Cross, etc. etc.

* I get excited to decorate Easter Eggs and listen to Christmas music the
whole month of December. I don't like the country versions or when Mariah Carey sings "All I Want for Christmas is You". Blech. I'm talking Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and instrumental. I also love to use a white crayon and write something on the egg before dipping it into the color. It makes for a fun surprise for everyone!

* I love the Game Show Network. I could watch it for hours. Troy and
I can be seen watching Lingo and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire re-runs

* I don't know if this next one counts, but it is so nerdy that I have to put it in here. I used to LOVE Star Trek growing up. It started in about 7th grade and went into about 10th grade. I even went to 2 Star Trek conventions. I loved it all, even the old ones with Captain Kirk. I don't care for it now, but I probably would sit through an episode if I saw it on t.v.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My List

Below is my "list". For a more descriptive explanation, please refer to Troy's list. He is much better with words than I. When I was in college, my old roomie (Meghann) used to call it her "Top 10 List of Things To Do" So this little game has been going on long before I was married. I wouldn't necessarily sleep with these people, but maybe just make out and possibly engage in some necking/petting. :)

My list is also in no particular order. Unlike Troy, there are only a few people on my list that I like for more than just looks. It is mainly just how amazingly hot they are!

1) Wentworth Miller. The gorgeous blue-eyed genius in the t.v. show, "Prison Break". His chest and back covered in tattoos also makes him
very appealing.

2) Enrique Iglesias. You may laugh at this choice, but I have always thought this man to be sexy. I
also happen to be a big fan of his music and had the privilege of seeing him in concert. Bailamos!

3) Julian McMahon. A plastic surgeon on the t.v.
show "Nip/Tuck", he doesn't have any problems
getting chicks. He is that hot.

4) Vince Vaughn. I discovered this man while watching
the movie "Swingers" He is talented, funny and attractive. He's a beautiful baby in my book!

5) Matthew McConaughey. Or as my sister would say,
Matthew McHot Pants. There is no way he can look
UN attractive. I really love that he rarely wears a
shirt, too.

6) Clive Owen. In addition to being incredibly
handsome, I melt like butta when I hear his voice.

7) John Krasinski. He is the cute and innocent boy
next door. Jim Halpert on "The Office", I love his
smart-ass sense of humor and the looks he gives to the
camera. He's just so cuddly and cute. Like Troy
mentions in his list (please refer to Jenna Fischer), we met at work. Ahhh, office romance!

8) Johnny Depp. He can manage to be sexy with tons of make-up and crazy hair - such as in "Sweeney Todd" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" I love that he has his own style AND I love his jawbone.

9) Jude Law. There is just something about Jude
and his British-ness. And the fact that he is extremely attractive!

10) Mark Wahlberg. The funny thing is, I didn't pay
attention to this guy in the 90's when he was "Marky Mark". I think I first discovered his hotness in the movie
"Planet of the Apes" Although I didn't care much for the
movie, I did like Mark! He was naughty as Dirk Digler in "Boogie Nights" and a jerk in "The Departed". He gives Good Vibrations!

So there you have it. And no, Norah Jones did not make it on my list! I would love to see other peoples' list if they dare to do this.....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer Cold

This posting won't be very fun. I don't have much energy to post something more interesting, though. I woke up Sunday morning with a sore throat. Now I'm used to having allergies, this only developed in the last year, and it's when I'm around my cats and dust. I have never experienced a sore throat, though, when my allergies are acting up.

I kind of layed low yesterday, my nose raw from blowing it every second and sucking on cough drops. Nate asked me if I wanted to go see a movie, I thought it would be nice to get out of the house. We went and saw "You Don't Mess With the Zohan" at the dollar movies, which was funnier than I thought it would be.

When it came time to go to bed, I fell asleep pretty quickly after taking Sudafed. I woke up every hour to cough and attend to my runny nose. It was inevitable, I wasn't going to be able to work the next day. So I called in sick today, slept until 2pm and now am blogging while drinking my Thera Flu. I don't get sick that often, so I'm allowed to complain every now and then!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I act like a 5 year old, so what?

Those that know me really well know that I think the dumbest things are funny. Most of you shake your head when I giggle uncontrollably over things a 5 year old may laugh at. I have listed some examples below. Please keep in mind while reading that YES - I am almost a 30 year old woman :)

Let's start out with my desire to push every single button on a toy that sings/dances/laughs/shakes, etc. I find as many of them I can find and push the buttons all at once, so they are going simultaneously but each one a little delayed. It sounds like one big garbled loud noise by the time I've hit all of them. I think it may have started when I was in high school at K.B. Toys in the mall. There was this children's show called Bananas in Pajamas. The song goes something like "Bananas! In Pajamas! Are coming down the stairs!" I found myself going into that store just to push all of them at once every time I was at the mall. Most the adults were irritated, and I always left the store laughing and in tears.

Sheesh, just last Sunday we were all at my mom's house for dinner. She has this frog that has a motion sensor and sings a really dumb song every time you walk by it. For some reason I find it hilarious to let that thing play over and over. My brother, Nate had something to do with this too. I guess it runs in the family? Poor Troy - he doesn't think it's funny at all!

The next thing I would like to talk about is silently bugging people. I mainly like to do this to Troy (again - poor guy!) I will lightly poke his side or arm to the point that it kind of tickles and it takes him awhile to realize what's happening. Or if we're on the couch watching t.v. or reading in bed, I'll move my body around to the point where the couch or bed jiggles just a tiny bit. After a few seconds, Troy realizes that he's moving a little and looks over to find me with a huge grin on my face. I'll also do similar things with my friends that are not so silent. I'll say the same thing or make a noise over and over until they can't handle it anymore and tell me to shut up. When they get to that point of irritation, that is when I think it's the funniest!

I love to make dumb noises. Now this may be genetics because my older brother has been known to make awful - yet funny - loud noises, especially in public. My older sister, Amy, and I have come up with our own language. It's really hard to explain in writing without hearing this for yourself. We say 'UUUURRRRRR' a lotreally loud and "vurts" at the end of a lot of words. Troy has dubbed this the "vurt talk" and it only comes out when I'm around my sister. AND - my sister is ten years older than me!

I can't get enough of potty humor. I love all potty talk, but "poop" talk is the best. My brother and sister love it when I'm around their kids because I get them all hyper talking about farting and diarrhea, etc. This goes for my friends with kids, too. Some of my nieces and nephews just roll their eyes at me when I start talking about different kinds of poo. This should be a sign to me that I should act my age, but I don't. I've also been known to carry around "Flarp". This is a children's toy (of course) that consists of puddy in a plastic container. When you push down on the puddy, it makes really cool farting noises. I love using this one in public!

The last thing I can think of, that only certain people can handle, is my belching ability. I avoid doing this around Troy 100% as well as some of my friends. I enjoy doing this one in public and I do not need a carbonated beverage to do it (although it does help). I have had strangers applaud me in restaurants and people say "That was a girl!" I've also received really crusty looks from people and comments like "That was disgusting, I can't believe people". I usually try and keep a straight face if people turn around to see who it was, to look conspicuous. Sometimes I'll even turn around myself and say to myself "who was that?" My friends usually laugh or walk way ahead of me in embarrassment.

So there it is. I am a 5 year old trapped in an almost 30 year old body. I am always "crossing the line" as my old college roommates used to say. I can't just do something once, I have to do it over and over or say something grosser to get a reaction out of people. I really don't think this is something I need to change in myself, it's part of who I am. Sure I may irritate the hell outta people, but I know some limits and I'm having fun!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Regeneration Tour

Troy and I went to The Regeneration Tour this past Thursday, Aug. 7th with our friends, Adam and Jodi. Now, I am a HUGE 80's pop music fan. Growing up in the 80's, I had a brother graduate high school in 1984 and a sister graduate in 1987. I was used to hearing singers like Billy Idol, Depeche Mode, Thompson Twins, A-Ha, etc. - you get the point. I loved it all, and I loved it through High School and still love it all today. I even have 2 pre-sets on my Sirius Satellite Radio set to "New Wave" and "80's Hits".

Troy, on the other hand, was listening to bands like Motley Crue, AC/DC, Van Halen, Def Leppard, etc in the 80's. The more "butt-rock" type music you could say, and I have grown to like these bands more as I get older. He wasn't super excited for this show we went to, but he went and he did enjoy himself!

The performers were awesome. They all looked a bit old. Not old like The Rolling Stones or The Who, which we've also seen in concert. But 25 years older than they did when they first made it big. The venue was originally going to be at Usana, but they changed it to The Depot at the Gateway. I had only been here once before and I remembered how much I loved it. It's smaller, but there are plenty of seats and the sound quality is outstanding.

They came on stage in the order I liked them least to best. I didn't dislike any of them, but they did save the best for last. The first band was Naked Eyes. You might remember "Promises, Promises" and "Always Something There to Remind Me"

Second was ABC. The lead singer came out in a suit and tie and rocked the stage. Songs by ABC are "The Look of Love", "Be Near Me" and "Poison Arrow"

Third came out Belinda Carlisle, formerly singer of the Go Go's. Loved her, she looked beautiful . She said she knew she made it big when this song made it into elevators and supermarkets: "Circle in the Sand". Some other songs she sang were "Mad About You", "Our Lips Are Sealed", "Vacation", and "Heaven is a Place on Earth"

The last group to play was The Human League. My favorite. They had a more electronic sound to them, anyone who has heard them knows. Their stage set-up was awesome and they sounded exactly how I remembered them growing up. Their popular songs are "Love Action (I Believe in Love)", "Fascination", "Human" and of course "Don't You Want Me Baby"

The other group that wasn't there that was originally in the tour was Dead or Alive. Apparently the lead singer, Pete Burns, is having health problems. My friend at work said it's probably because his face is falling off :) They sing "You Spin Me Round" and "Brand New Lover"

There were rumors that A Flock of Seagulls were going to perform in place of Dead or Alive. I was so stoked to hear them, they are also one of my favorite 80's bands (I have their greatest hits) but they didn't end up coming. Their great songs are "I Ran", "Space Age Love Song", "Telecommunication" and "Wishing (If I had a Photograph of You)".

I have already voted for the bands I want playing at the next Regeneration Tour. Psychedelic Furs, Tears for Fears, Thompson Twins, Howard Jones, O.M.D. and The Fixx. I'm interested to hear who will be on the list!