Sunday, August 24, 2008

My List

Below is my "list". For a more descriptive explanation, please refer to Troy's list. He is much better with words than I. When I was in college, my old roomie (Meghann) used to call it her "Top 10 List of Things To Do" So this little game has been going on long before I was married. I wouldn't necessarily sleep with these people, but maybe just make out and possibly engage in some necking/petting. :)

My list is also in no particular order. Unlike Troy, there are only a few people on my list that I like for more than just looks. It is mainly just how amazingly hot they are!

1) Wentworth Miller. The gorgeous blue-eyed genius in the t.v. show, "Prison Break". His chest and back covered in tattoos also makes him
very appealing.

2) Enrique Iglesias. You may laugh at this choice, but I have always thought this man to be sexy. I
also happen to be a big fan of his music and had the privilege of seeing him in concert. Bailamos!

3) Julian McMahon. A plastic surgeon on the t.v.
show "Nip/Tuck", he doesn't have any problems
getting chicks. He is that hot.

4) Vince Vaughn. I discovered this man while watching
the movie "Swingers" He is talented, funny and attractive. He's a beautiful baby in my book!

5) Matthew McConaughey. Or as my sister would say,
Matthew McHot Pants. There is no way he can look
UN attractive. I really love that he rarely wears a
shirt, too.

6) Clive Owen. In addition to being incredibly
handsome, I melt like butta when I hear his voice.

7) John Krasinski. He is the cute and innocent boy
next door. Jim Halpert on "The Office", I love his
smart-ass sense of humor and the looks he gives to the
camera. He's just so cuddly and cute. Like Troy
mentions in his list (please refer to Jenna Fischer), we met at work. Ahhh, office romance!

8) Johnny Depp. He can manage to be sexy with tons of make-up and crazy hair - such as in "Sweeney Todd" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" I love that he has his own style AND I love his jawbone.

9) Jude Law. There is just something about Jude
and his British-ness. And the fact that he is extremely attractive!

10) Mark Wahlberg. The funny thing is, I didn't pay
attention to this guy in the 90's when he was "Marky Mark". I think I first discovered his hotness in the movie
"Planet of the Apes" Although I didn't care much for the
movie, I did like Mark! He was naughty as Dirk Digler in "Boogie Nights" and a jerk in "The Departed". He gives Good Vibrations!

So there you have it. And no, Norah Jones did not make it on my list! I would love to see other peoples' list if they dare to do this.....


Cameron's Corner said...

Remember that 3-some with Kimber, Julian, and the british therapist on the first episode of Season 3? I'd like to get in on that for a 4-some. I'd even be willing to give Julian a little attention... if you know what I mean.

Katie M. said...

I know whatcha mean! And yes, I do remember that episode. Christian Troy is such a slut in that show haha. I'm surprised Troy didn't put Kimber on his list.

Just Me said...

I don't need a list- because I am allowed to do anything I want. Or anyone. Hahahaha!!!!
I must say that I do dig most of your choices, Katie.

LT said...

Thanks for the clarification. Merely stating 'Remember that 3-some?' while talking about Nip Tuck only takes about 10 percent of the actors out of the equation....

JoRae aka Lolae said...

I totally, 100 percent agree with your very 1st choice. If my huz would consent, it would be all over.

LT said...

I'm pretty much like all of these guys combined into one with the added benefit of being able to sleep with me whenever you want. So, yeah, you're pretty lucky to have me :)

Amber S said...

I agree with all the guys on there. I like the comment about Matt. Gotta say though I just saw the movie Death Race and wtih Jason Statham in it and hole E crap...accent and all wow!