Sunday, November 16, 2008

Disney and NKOTB

I have had the best weekend! Last Friday I had the chance to take my niece, Chloe to see Disney on Ice for an early birthday present. I was also secretly excited to go myself, so it was also a good cover-up to go with a child because no one thought I actually wanted to go. I ended up loving it in all its cheesiness. My favorite part of the show was Pinnochio and I think Chloe liked all of the princesses the best :) Here are a few pics from the night, all I had was my camera phone but they are still fun!

The princess herself

Saturday night I had the time of my life at the New Kids On The Block concert. I went with my friends Rebecca, Jessica & Rhianne and had a killer time! Here is a little background with me and NKOTB. I first discovered them at the early age of 11 years old and we were just about to move to Germany. I fell in love with them and had a major crush on Joey McIntyre. I went on to buy t-shirts, pins, had posters of them as wallpaper in my room and even joined their fan club! I had all of their tapes, even the Christmas album. So going to this concert was a mix of 2 things for me. One - that they were back together after 15 years and it was funny that they were doing shows. Two - that all I wanted when I was a pre-teen was to go to one of their shows and I was able to fulfill my childhood dream. And that is really something to me! The crazy thing is, they were all in great shape, still had great dance moves AND they sounded exactly like they did in 1990. Even their new songs are awesome. Not to mention that a few of them became even more attractive over the years. Time treated them well, I must say! No wonder Donnie Wahlberg's brother made it on my top 10 :) The place was full of late 20's, thirty-something women screaming and wearing their old New Kids shirts (that I wished I had kept, trust me!). I loved singing all of the words I used to sing over and over to my tapes back before CD's. It really took me back to those days that I have almost forgotten.

Back in the day.....look at that hair!

Lookin' good today!

One of my favorite songs:

Please Don't Go Girl


Just Me said...

I still say that Danny would be my current choice with my "today" tastes.
Those boys rock! I'll have to show you the videos I took with my cell phone. You can barely hear them or can't see them, but you at least get the general idea.
Did you guys buy T-shirts afterwards?